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June 03, 2008


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Critical thinker

I know that many artists love to be provocative, and their works are meant to stir emotion, and promote dialogue between its viewers. However, I feel that this exhibit was more evocative. As if it were meant to evoke feelings of rage, oppression, hatred and xenophobic fears. It is as if the sole purpose of this exhibit is to trivialize and diminish everything that black people particularly Senator Obama has worked to overcome.

When I first read about this, I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you said the exhibit was about the character assassination of Senators Obama and Clinton; I had no idea what the content of the exhibit was. However after seeing some of your work, I have to ask, "What does a penis have to do with character assassination.” Don't you realize that your installation further perpetuates the stereotypes that you are accusing the media of sustaining.

In your attempt to cater to our "viral video, shock TV" culture, you missed the mark. In your world you probably believe that you have created a provocative, historical pop art exhibit. Yet it seems more like a feckless attempt to demonize a culture which is still dealing with the anger of slavery, Jim Crow and perpetual sexism.

Although I think you lack taste and/or empathy; I am all for provocative art, and free speech. But, where does the line of free speech end, and the line for hate propaganda begin???? Maybe that's something you should think about.


Hey, I've got to hand it to you. You lied to a lot of reporters, invented a few galleries, terrified at least a few passers-by, wasted the NYPD and Secret Service's time and used racist language to describe Obama's children (who aren't even old enough to understand what this fiasco is all about, I might add). And you got 15 seconds of fame out of it, too. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

What a jerk you are, and what an insult to hard-working, actually talented artists everywhere who don't resort to lies, deceit and blatant racism to provoke and engage the public. Because that's all you did; lie and deceive, and trying to dismiss what you did as "part of the art" is cowardice.

You're an artist, alright - a scam artist. Hope the attention you're getting now is worth it, kid.


Any idiot could do what you have done to make a living and get some quick publicity. In fact, many already do. Ann Coulter comes to mind, as do the playground mechanizations of five year old children.

Shock 'art' is not relevant, it is easy. The hoax - yes, hoax - on top of it further cements your place in the art world as a waste of talent and space.

Georges Santayana

As was so well stated by a former Supreme Court Justice - "But I know it when I see it" -

This is the true definition of pornography, not art.

miss kara

you are a moronic opportunist. it is painfully obvious. the only way to draw attention to yourself is to exploit others - you'll never comprehend the damage you have caused by this exhibit, not to mention the fact it is at the expense of those involved (including obama's very young daughters). you have foolishly let yourself slip into the mindset that if it triggers a strong reaction, it is "good art". there were a dozen ways of expressing your same point without going to these lengths.


Your work is a desperate and pathetic attempt to get attention. You truly deserve no attention, but I can't resist. You have no substance. Get a life, get some depth and then reconsider an art career at that time. Clearly you are not ready. Bottomline is you suck. Go the fuck away!


Ok, from one artist to another, you are deliberately being misogynistic AND overtly racist. This exhibit doesn't make a statement about anything except for the fact that you know NOTHING of what REAL satirical art is. If this were your Masters thesis, I would give you the fattest RED "F" "U" "C" "K" "Y" "O" "U" possible. As an intelligent and PROUD Black male, I am literally disgusted with this pathetic attempt at "art imitating life". I'm surprised you are still physically well, if that. Please refrain from expressing yourself to the confused and narrow minded Mainstream American Public, or at least make your point VISIBLE IN YOUR WORK, because honestly all I see here are the rantings of a stodgy homophobic anti-feminist bigot. The Klan is always recruiting, go where you belong.


If you ever called my children nappy headed ho's, your career would end that day...and that's a fact!!

Isabel Camacho

Escribí un pequeño artículo sobre sus exposiciones. Saludos desde Venezuela.



Please do not confuse poor taste with "art", and people aren't be overly sensitive...everyone has right to be concerned with the life of Sen. Obama...and this exhibit will give nutjobs ideas.

You can express your ideas if you want, but this exhibit looks to be racist and why did you have toput his innocent girls in it?? That was so uncalled for, and I cannot believe you call yourself an artist.


As an art instructor who holds both a BFA and MFA, I most say that IMO this is nowhere near being art. Freedom of speech is something I whole-heartedly believe in, but I just wish that something of value was actually being said.

Lovely Rita

Hey Bozo, "wonderlust" is not a word.

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