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May 30, 2008


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It's not the fault of YouTube or the fault of users who watch these videos that incidents such as the ones you mentioned cause so much commotion in culture today.

I hear about most of these faux pas first through the mass media and then experience them afterward on the web as a result of my own curiosity for spectacle.

The problem is not that the media seeks controversy, this is just a symptom. There are few major distinguishing factors between the candidates other than these issues that are turned into controversy. What else does the media have to report on? The candidates are essentially the same, they hold out a message of security and comfort. This is a false hope because they all intend to spend more of our money and extend the power of the federal government. This will only perpetuate the ballooning debt and make us less secure, less comfortable, and less free.

The media generates its own problem. By its nature, it silences non mainstream ideas and thus eliminates the heralds of these ideas from the public spectrum.

The problem is with the media, not necessarily our access and viewing of the source materials of this controversy.

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