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June 03, 2008


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I think the exhibit is amazing. I'm glad someone in this county is willing to stand up to the overly sensitive American public and express their 1st Amendment rights.


Art is the telling of a story. It involves the evocation of emotion and the inspiration of the mind to a resolution.

You stop short. Your art remains undeveloped it remains a mere scene of expression. A statement that is vulgar, primitive, divisive and purposeless.


there is no beauty to this art - anyone can evoke emotion - the trick is to inspire... which i fear you have yet to do... actually this work is quite pathetic


Yeah, the Nappy headed hoes part was abhorrent. That was the point. It made me think that I may have been a bit too easy on Imus.

Art is something that provokes strong emotion... seems like its working. A whole lot could be written on these pieces, but maybe its better if you let the emotions they bring forth lead you to some sort of personal revelation.


I am glad you were stopped. This exhibit adds no beauty or truth to the world. I only hope the Obama family does not learn of your antics.


Call it Art or whatever the hell you like, all I know is if you put up pictures of MY daughters with the caption nappy headed hos Id be coming after your happy ass. Those are real kids, and the Obamas are a real family. Your desire to make a statement doesnt trump your obligation to show a minimum of respect and common decency to your fellow human beings, and it certainly doesnt give you the right to draw innocent children into that tawdry mess you call an art show.


Theres freedom of speech and then there is poor taste. While I dont believe you should be censored, neither should I be for telling you that what I saw of your gallery showing is god-awful. As an artist myself, I find nothing redeeming what-so-ever about calling children nappy headed hos.


Just saw some images of the assassination exhibits on your site.

I've got to say some of those images revolted me, they made me sick and they made me angry. They made me take a step back and think.

Good work.


Mmm, I understand that people shouldn't censor art. Art is always meant to say something and not all people get it.

However, I do find it in poor taste that you included Senator Obama's daughters in this display in the manner that you did. How you display the adults is up to you. They are grown and can defend themselves, but little kids? It's a bit in poor taste.

Anyway, I didn't agree with what I saw of it (the noose means something offensive to me as a black woman), but I wouldn't censor your right to display it. I do think that if you find another forum for your work (and I am sure you will) that you consider maybe discontinuing the children portion of the Senator Obama part.

Good Day.


How's your day going so far?

My guess is that if you called the exhibit something other than "assassination" you still be open. Sort of like yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre. There's freedom of speech but not when it might suggest or invoke danger.


It's absolutely ridiculous that you were censored when your exhibition was clearly spoke to another subject (treatment by the media and their characterization).

On the other hand, I am happy I found out about you and your works. I am very impressed with your work and your blog addresses some good topics.

I wish you success with your show, if you are allowed to continue


I understand defending freedom of speech, but I'd hope you'd at least try to have something interesting to SAY. Sheesh. What a waste... Meh.

Nicholas Polimenakos

You have my full support my friend. Freedom of Speech will BE the #1 issue in this country in the next 10 years. If you ever need support in seattle, you have it. here's to Art and freedom of speech!!!


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